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dotIRC (.IRC) is an IRC chat client with unlimited layout options
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dotIRC (.IRC) is an IRC chat client with as many options as it is possible to imagine on an IRC client.
At first sight, dotIRC interface results very familiar to any user of the most common IRC clients, but looking at it carefully, its big amount of additional functions definitely makes it the most equipped one and immediately stands out.

First, dotIRC allows the user to adapt its interface in many ways, by the use of functions known from other clients, such as Panel Style, Tabs use, flat bгttons, etc. But it´s Drag and Drop support (you can drag any window to another panel, drag any panel to a new position, dock or free a window to/from its panel, etc) is unique in IRC clients. It´s wide range of options allows the user to find the proper layout, even for the most demanding users. For instance, it´s status bar shows either the servers you are connected to, or the users in your notify list who are logged, or the channels you have joined with the number of users inside, or the number of transfers with rate, and much more!

On the other hand, it has its own Web Browser which is opened internally in its own tab and allows the user to browse internet and manage his/her favorites without running an external browser. It also includes a completely functional File Explorer which allows managing files without running an external file explorer.

Bur if you want to connect it to SSL IRC servers using dotIRC, it is necesary to download the special SSL Library (JOHER SSL v1.0, with 417792 bytes) developed by the same author and avalilable at, and install it in your dotIRC directory.

Among its many useful options, dotIRC includes features such as nick list hovering, single/multiple transfers window(s), raw window, advanced URL window, multiserver notify window, an overall server menu which can be used in any server you are connected to and connect to a new one picked up from the recently connected list or from a full internet updatable list of known networks and servers. Moreover, its fast window switching makes it very comfortable to use.

WARNING.- You should note that dotIRC is a NET based IRC client, then it requires MS .NET v1.1 to be installed on your computer to run.

Sergio A. Durán
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  • Fully customizable
  • Many unique options


  • A little complex
  • Windows only
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